Getting started with HTTPS guide

If you are running a web application and it's still not using HTTPS, shame on you! Even if you are not transmitting sensitive data, there are still several reasons why you should enable HTTPS. [Read More]
Tags: Java, TLS, SSL, Security

Continuous Deployment of a Jekyll site on Bluemix with TravisCI

You’ve been reading much about Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment and think it only applies to big projects? Think again. A simple site like this website can benefit from it, that is why I will show you how easy it is to set it up for a GitHub project with... [Read More]
Tags: Jekyll, Bluemix, CloudFoundry, GitHub, TravisCI

Build a location based API with Spring Data MongoDB and GeoJSON

Recently I was intrigued about a project discussion in which a high volume REST API was needed to store and retrieve location based information. A performant solution was need that could work with big datasets, atleast containing a few million entries. [Read More]
Tags: Java, Spring, Spring Data MongoDB, Spring Boot, MongoDB, GeoJSON

Getting started with Spring Security, Spring Session and Redis

You want to build a scalable cloud ready application? Great! Let’s have a look how to build a server Spring Boot REST endpoint and secure it with stateless Spring Security. We want to authenticate every request with basic authentication OR with a token when the user has sent its credentials... [Read More]
Tags: Java, Spring, Spring Session, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Redis

Introducing v2

Welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved v2.0. I launched v1.0 of my website around October 2014. Most people I knew that had a website were using WordPress, so to get started quickly I went with that. While WordPress is great, it’s a bit of a heavy weight solution... [Read More]
Tags: WordPress, Jekyll

Enable HTTPS in Spring Boot

This weekend I answered a question about enabling HTTPS in JHipster on StackOverflow that caught a lot of interest on Twitter so I decided to put a short post on it with some more useful details. [Read More]
Tags: HTTPS, Java, JHipster, Spring Boot, Tomcat

Starting a modern Java project with JHipster

Today, I want to talk about a great open-source Java project that will help you hit the ground running when starting a new Java project: JHipster. JHipster is a Yeoman generator that will create a modern AngularJS application with a Spring Boot backend which you can use as a starting... [Read More]
Tags: Java, JHipster, Spring Boot, Yeoman

Don't lose control: Bluemix logs management

Lately I have been busy deploying more Cloud based applications, mostly on Bluemix. I try to following a Microservices (or Service Oriented) Architecture approach so I have multiple applications working together. At a certain point following up on the status of these systems should not be a manual job anymore.... [Read More]
Tags: Bluemix, Cloud Foundry, DevOps, Papertrail, Loggregator

Build your own Linkshortener API

In this post I’ll show you how to build your own Linkshortener microservice. If you are still wondering what a microservice is, check out my previous post Microservices! Micro.. what?. [Read More]
Tags: Java, Linkshortener, Microservice, REST

Microservices! Micro.. what?

You’ve probably heard the term, ahum buzzword, microservice quite a lot lately. I’ll quickly go over what this actually means. In in a series of future posts I’ll be building a microservice and see how we can facilitate continuous delivery for these services. [Read More]
Tags: Java, Microservice, SOA

Automating deployments on Windows with Jenkins and PsExec

Quite recently I got around to read Continuous Delivery, a book which I highly recommend to everyone since it is one of the best IT books I’ve read in a long while, and because of this book the technical and more importantly business value of automating everything for your delivery... [Read More]
Tags: Continuous Delivery, Jenkins, Maven, PsExec, Windows